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What is Inner RePatterning?

What is Inner RePatterningInner RePatterning is a technique used to enhance a persons quality of life. It is a modern, therapeutic approached based on our latest understandings of the mind and body and how  it functions.


Inner RePatterning was developed by Tania A Prince and June K Spencer. EFT Master, Tania came up with the original concept. She was joined shortly after by June who was based in the North of England and specialized in working with vulnerable young people and anger groups .


Inner RePatterning could be classed as an energy therapy. It was developed from EFT. EFT, emotional freedom techniques is one of the most well known of the modern energy therapies. EFT was developed from acupressure. It involves tapping generally with the finger tips on energy channels that run through the body. The specific points used to tap on as those that run near to the surface of the body. Although these points are located throughout the body, EFT tends to use those that are easily accessible, located on the head, face, upper body and hands.

Like EFT, Inner RePatterning uses gentle percussive tapping, however it only uses one location on the body, as opposed to the multiple tapping locations used in EFT. The location used in Inner RePatterning is commonly referred to as the Thymus Point. This is a key control centre for the Meridian channels. The aim of both therapies is to create balance. When balance occurs it can create shifts in thoughts, beliefs and emotional states.

It is thought that disturbance in the bodies energy system lies beneath all issues. Therefore dealing with the disturbance can lead to alleviation in the clients discomfort.

Inner RePatterning was developed from EFT and Mindfulness. Mindfulness is about being in the present. It is about being aware of our experience, being in he moment. The opposite to this is being in our heads, thinking. Issues such as depression involve generally being locked into the past. Thinking about it and often projecting it onto the future. Anxiety on he other hand, although it has its roots in the past, involves a mental strategy o thinking about the future and running, generally doom laden strategies of “what ifs”. Both of these issues mean the person is not present in the moment. Mindfulness has a lot of science that supports its effectiveness with working with chronic conditions such a depression and getting substantial improvement. Inner RePatterning is a mindfulness approach.

Key Concepts in Inner RePatterning

  1. It does not require analysis of a problem in order to work with it. The problem is always that the person has a lock that is preventing them being in the present.
  2. The heart is the key to health. Modern research has highlighted the importance of he heart in healing an health. When the heart goes into a coherent rhythm it will pull all systems into balance.
  3. The mind/ body can heal itself. All we have to do is provide the right conditions for that to occur. Switching off, fight, flight and freeze response can activate healing. This can be done mechanically by using the bodies on/off switch.
  4. Working at. Cognitive level is one of the least effective ways of gaining results, especially will chronic conditions. So, working at an energetic level is indicated he more intrenched the issue.
  5. Therapist do not need to make or create a result, all they need to o is help create he conditions for healing. This involves facilitating the session and supporting the client.

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