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Name Change for Inner RePatterning tm

To help people quickly understand Inner RePatterning tm the name has been changed to Mindfulness Based IR tm and Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning tm. MBIR tm is based on mindfulness but it is also a therapeutic technique. It has been used in the treatment of complex trauma, including abuse issues, PTSD, HIV Management etc. It has also been taught to school children as a gentle self management technique. It can be used as a stress management tool amongst many other things.

Inner RePatterning tm Norway

Tania ran an Inner RePatterning tm training in Oslo, Norway on the 22nd/ 23rd October 2016

Inner RePatterning tm Amsterdam

Tania ran an Inner RePatterning training in Amsterdam in June 2014.

EFT Gathering Canada

Tania was guest speaker at the EFT Gathering in Canada.Her presentation was on Inner RePatterning. After the Gathering she ran a two day workshop.

Empowering the Philippines

April/ May 2014, Tania was invited to the Philippines to be part of the Empowering the Philippines project. This project was set up by Sebastiaan van der Schier to help the survivors of Typhoon by using EFT, Tapping as a trauma release technique.

EFT and Cancer Interview

Tania interviewed EFT Master, Emma Roberts for her latest podcast. The podcast is available through iTunes or can be accessed from this site. Look in the sidebar for the EFT Unleashed podcasts.

AAMET Conference

Tania has been asked to present at the AAMET Conference alongside speaker who  include, Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Nelson Bradley, developer of the Emotion Code. Tania will be presenting on Inner RePatterning. To find out more about the conference please visit the AAMET Website

The Conference will take place at the Hallmark Hotel Manchester on the 26/27th October 2013

Soulfully Successful Women Summit

Tania was asked to be one of the speakers at the internet based Soulfully Successful Summit. In this interview Tania talked about her work with Inner RePatterning and EFT.

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