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EFT Training Courses in Manchester

Tania offers EFT level 1,2 and 3 training in Manchester as well as supervision/mentoring and trainer training.

To book onto the training or to find out more about the venue, syllabus etc go to the bottom of the page. Their is extensive information on all course dates. To find out more about Trainer Training please contact Tania directly via the contact form on this site.


These courses are certificated by one of the oldest EFT non profit making, voluntary organizations in the world, founded in 1999 AAMET International. AAMET International promotes ethical practice and support its members as well as helping forge links with other professional organizations.

Why Attend These Courses?

  • Tania is one of the leading experts in the world in EFT, acknowledged by the original EFT Master program established by Gary Craig, its developer. She is an author on cutting edge books, such as, EFT and Beyond and regularly speaks at EFT Conferences.
  • She brings a vast wealth of experience to these courses that go beyond just teaching the basic syllabus.
  • These courses are renowned for their depth and fun.
  • As a highly experienced presenter and trainer, Tania teaches in a style suitable for all learning preferences.
  • Tania has over twenty one years of working in the field of psychotherapy. Excellence in EFT isn’t just about being able to tap. Anyone can learn to tap. Excellence comes through understanding how the mind works and being able to apply that knowledge to the clients issues to help maximize the potential of gaining results. These courses are about getting results.
  • These courses are set up to deeply immerse you into he world of EFT and therapy. When you want to master and excel in my area in life it is about immersing yourself until it becomes easy. These courses are set up to begin to do that.

 Understanding the Levels in EFT

1. EFT Foundation Training – Level 1

This is the introductory level that provides the foundation training to all other levels in EFT. In this part of the training, students are taught the basic skills of therapy, such as calibration and rapport. They are also taught: – How to Tune into the problem, an essential skill that you need to master to get great results with EFT. How to work in a more gentle way using approaches such as Movie Technique. How to work with emotional issues and an introduction to working with physical problems. What to do if EFT appears not to be working. How to set up effective feedback model for monitoring your progress.

2. Practitioner Training – EFT Level  1 and 2: 3 day Training.

Note if you have already attended an EFT level 1 training you can just attend for the level 2 component to complete the live training element of the practitioner training. 

The practitioner training follows on from the level 1. On this training students are taught all the basic EFT techniques. They also have ample opportunity to practice them with their fellow students, whilst in a supervised environment. At the end of attending this two day training, students are issued an attendance certificate. This certificate can be upgraded to a Practitioner certificate by completing the post training requirements set by the AAMET.

3. EFT Level 3 Training Course: EFT Advanced Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner is an intensive two day course that provides attendees with lots of hands on experience

4. EFT Trainer Training

A level 3 certificate is a prerequisite for attending the trainer training event. Please use the contact form to call or email for further details. Candidates must also have three years of experience using EFT which is supported by EFT Training certificates from level 1 through to 3.

This course requires that you attend a training day and assist on EFT Training Courses (number dependent on requirements of the applicant).

5. EFT Supervision/ Mentoring

The supervision days are a requirement by the Association of the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies in order to gain the full Level 2 or 3 certificate. Supervision is also required to maintain level 2 or 3 status. Supervision is an essential component for gaining excellence in the practice of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Course Investment

Level 1 Course Investment: £150

Level 2: Course Investment: £280

Level 1 and 2 combined: £385 Special Early Bird Price if you book more than 14 days before the start of the training. Full price is £425.

Level 3: Course Investment: £270

Supervision/ Mentoring Investment: £80

Trainer Training Investment: TBA – call for information

Payment Methods

Places on courses can be held by providing a £50 deposit. Payment can be made via Credit Card, Internet Banking, Cheque and PayPal.

EFT Course Times

Courses run from

EFT Level 1 and 2: 9:45am until 5:15pm.

EFT level 3: 10am until 5:00pm

Arrival is 9.30- 10 am

Refreshments are included, Lunch is not included


All training Courses are run from the YHA Conference Centre, Manchester, M34NB. This venue has accommodation as well as on site parking facilities. There is a fee charged for parking at this venue.

EFT Level 1 and 2 Training 19th – 21st January 2018

EFT Level 1 and 2 Training 19th – 21st January 2018

Friday, 19th January 2018 09:45 - Sunday, 21st January 2018 17:15

Investment £395

Save £60 Off the Full Price by Taking Advantage of the Early Bird and Discounted Supervision Offers. You pay £445 instead of £505


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